Bosnia • Update on the urgent pound situation

After returning from Bosnia, we took to social media with the photos that I had taken whilst over there and the girls from the pound sent me as much information as they could. Together, we managed to make informative posts for some of the dogs, and we currently have 11 of them reserved for foster and forever homes.


The German organisation, Streunerglück e.V, mentioned in previous posts maintained their offer to take 30 of the dogs. In fact they actually walked away with 33 of the dogs in total, including the mother and her six tiny puppies. They will be moved to an area of much higher standard within Bosnia whilst they all receive their vaccinations and necessary veterinary care, but by the end of January we hope that they will all be fit and well enough to be transported to Germany.


On a positive note, the urgency of the demands from the inspectors seem to have relaxed a little bit, perhaps because they can see the desperation of the poor girls who visit these dogs every day and also due to the letter Tanja has written to them. We now have 16 dogs left in the pound, and this is manageable if we are given a little extra time. We also need people to stop bringing us dogs, otherwise the problem will be never ending.  With external help from Sweden, the UK and Germany, one by one these dogs are in with a real chance of being saved. The majority of the dogs now approaching without caution, showing affection, and putting on weight, as the girls at the pound are visiting as often as they can to provide them with food and socialisation. Streunerglück e.V tried to take the majority of the dogs that they believed would be more difficult to rehome, or who would struggle significantly on the streets.

We are yet to see who has been left behind and needs that extra push to get them rehomed, so please bear with me until that is confirmed, but once it is we will once again take the platform of social media to give them that extra publicity. I’ve spoken with the pound volunteers and they’re going to send me as many photos and as much information as they can, so fingers crossed that we will be able to rehome those that remain.

For the dogs that we have found homes for, they are being removed from the pound and taken to private kennels, otherwise known as pension in Bosnia. Here they will receive more socialisation and have more of their own personal space rather than being cramped into a pen with dozens of other dogs. Although it’s nothing special, anything is an upgrade from the squalor in which they were previously living. By putting the dogs into kennels, it also means that we can start working on their medical requirements and passports in order for them to leave the country. Thankfully, due to the many of you that donated incredibly generous amounts to our Bosnia fund, we are able to cover these expenses and ensure the dogs are fit and well for their transportation into other countries. We are hoping that by mid-end January we will have started removing the dogs from the kennels and bringing them home to experience a new lease of life that they truly deserve.


Finally, a huge thank you goes out to Sofia Lunden, one of our adopters living in Sweden, who has been tirelessly promoting the photos I’ve sent her of available dogs. Without her help we wouldn’t have placed nearly as many of the dogs, so thank you Sofia, you’ve been incredible!


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